The schools there in Straupe have already been for more than 320 years. The beginning of Straupe primary school is considered to be Mazstraupe parish school which started in 1871. In 1925 the government of Latvia allocated Mazstraupe castle building for the needs of school and in 1930 Mazstraupe primary school moved to the castle. In recorded history the castle was mentioned in 1408 for the first time, but it was built earlier. The castle was rebuilt several times. The last owner of the castle was emissary, doctor Meiendorf.

Till the first fire in 1993, the plan of the rooms in the part of the castle, which has remained till our days, was the same as in baron Meiendorf’s time. Now the rooms are more suitable for school.  Over the years the name has been changed several times. In 1951 after the merging with Lielstraupe septennial school, it was named as Mazstraupe septennial school, later as Straupe eight-year school. Since 1992 it is called Straupe primary school.

In 90’s the school suffered from two fires – the first time on 4th February, 1993, from the damage in heating system, the second time – on 14th June, 1995, the reason of it is unknown. On the first of September, 1996, the school returned back to the castle building.

In the school park there is barefoot path, in the school yard there are flower beds with 100 roses, planted as a present on Latvia’s 100 anniversary.

School life

The teachers in further educational courses gain new knowledge about making democratic school environment, using active teaching methods, developing interdisciplinary learning and competences based learning.

The school is modern, safe and active place where enthusiastic, creative and energetic teachers develop students’ personality.